We are God’s Ladies Of Significance & Service!

Founded in 2006, GLOSS is a unique faith-based lifetime sisterhood organization for young ladies ages 5 to 25.  Our young ladies are cherished by God and are compelled to serve others.  God’s Ladies Of Significance & Service is a 501(c)(3) organization.




“To challenge young ladies to accept only God’s best for their lives”

Our role is to bridge the gap between home and church in the life of young ladies.  We assist them in shining and fluttering as they blossom through the multiple phases of life.


“To build a global sisterhood of Christ-centered young ladies and a network of resources to enhance their lives”

God asks in Chapter 32 of Jeremiah, verse 27, “Is there anything too hard for me?”  GLOSS responds by saying, “absolutely not”!  GLOSS can do all things through Christ which gives the strength.

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Foster opportunities to provide expressions of value to our young ladies.


Help our young ladies minimize internal stress and anxiousness by advising and praying for them.


Promote nutritional and tasteful eating providing a healthy mind, body and soul.


Maintain a safe environment for our young ladies to communicate their ideas and learned lessons, inspiring them to make wise decisions and pursue their God-given purposes.


Motivate and serve as a support system to our young ladies.


Promote inner jogging also known as laughter in the lives of our young ladies.


Teach and contribute to the development and enrichment of our young ladies' spiritual, physical, emotional and social maturity.