Be a Volunteer

Help GLOSS bridge the gap between home and church in the life of a young lady!

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Young ladies are living in a time of moral value shifts, social problems, family dysfunction, teen pregnancy, depression, anxiety, loneliness and low self-esteem.  Like butterflies, girls experience multiple phases in life. 


  • Women who are passionate about the positive development of young ladies

  • Women who are willing to be led by the Holy Spirit and Biblical truths

  • Women who are energetic and creative

  • Women who value service to others

GLOSS believes that compelling young ladies to accept only God's best and inspiring them through their multiple phases is in obedience to Titus 2, which instructs older women to teach younger women.   This bonding relationship strengthens their chances to become awesome women of God and decreases the risk of becoming an adverse statistic.

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Steps To Join The Volunteer Team

  1. View our volunteer opportunities. There may be local chapter and virtual roles available. Consider volunteering directly or indirectly with the young ladies in GLOSS.

  2. Complete online volunteer application.

  3. A GLOSS representative will schedule an interview with you.

  4. A background check may be required.